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Benefits of a custom mobile application

are an entrepreneur, natural and / or legal person, teacher, lawyer, taxi driver, etc., perhaps you think that having a personalized mobile application is only for large companies that can invest large amounts of money in an app. Let me tell you that this is part of the past, today technology advances by leaps and bounds and has changed the perspective to the point that no matter how big your business is or what you do, you can now have your own app and in just minutes

Beneficios de una aplicación móvil personalizada

Horizon Apps Agency Hola! Si eres un emprendedor, persona natural y/o jurídica, maestro, abogado, taxista, etc, quizás piensas que tener una aplicación móvil personalizada es solo para grandes empresas que pueden invertir grandes cantidades de dinero en una app. Déjame contarte que eso es parte del pasado, hoy día la tecnología avanza a pasos agigantadosContinue reading “Beneficios de una aplicación móvil personalizada”


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Hi, I’m Santiago Perez, founder of Horizon Apps Agency and Glideapps Certified Expert. We are a small agency that develops mobile Apps using Glide Apps. we also develop websites and automation systems that integrate your app to your website and much more.

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